What To Do If Your Braces Hurt?
What To Do If Your Braces Hurt?


The best remedy to get the pain away is waiting to go naturally, besides we share with you some tips to soothe the discomfort of wearing or getting braces. 

Orthodontic wax

Orthodontic wax creates a barrier between the braces wires and your mouth. To illustrate is like a lip balm but for the teeth, you simply rub it on any area of discomfort.

Pain medications

Above all, it is important to only take pain relievers prescribed by your doctor. So, we recommend you ask your dentist what anti-inflammatories are advisable to take in these cases.

Salt-water rinsed

A Commonly known home remedy to relieve all sorts of dental pain is to gargle salt with water as if you were doing a mouthwash, as a result, this will calm any soreness in your lips, mouth, and the inside of your cheeks.