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Who We Are.

Smile Ready is an Aesthetic Dental Clinic established in Bali. We have passion in Aesthetic Dentistry and commited to provide the best Dental Treatment experience.

Take place at strategic location, near to the heart of Denpasar as capital city and Kuta as Tourism area, Smile Ready is very easy to reach, as they have not only local customer but also Tourist from many countries.

Using up to date technology in Dentistry, we are ready to provide a wide range of Dental Aesthetic treatment to improve Your Dental Health and enhance Your Smile.

We put on complete facilities in our clinic to make your every visit enjoyable and comfortable.

Meet Our Dentists

We are happy to help our patients to give the best treatments for them. We will help to answer your doubts.

Dr. Indrawangsa


Dr. Maureen


Dr. Tamara


Dr. Cynthia


Dr. Sathya


The Most Popular Treatments

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Customer Experience

Patients Reviews

I had the feeling that the Dentist was very organized. The Appointment was after one week. But it was very easy to book per WhatsApp also I new the prices before I went there. That gave me a Feeling of security over the Point of Payment. The Doctor and the Assistant Doctor were both very carefully and had a very good knowledge about what there doing. Actually when I compare my last Visit in the Dentist in Germany and the Visit I didn't felt any Difference. I was even better in my Opinion they had a Camera to exactly show me where the caries is and where my Filling was broken. And everything was very clean. There worked very focused and the Process was done in about an houre. I don't know how it is with other Dentist ore Doctors in Bali but this one was very good. And compared to German Prices also much cheaper. Even if I leave in a very small budget here at the moment I could afford the treatment. So I definitely can recommend Smile Ready. And likely come again.
Leon Zieroth
Women at reception desk are really informative, everything is listed in detail and they keep on top of your personal needs regarding teeth work needed. The dentist are extremely observant and professional. The entire clinic is super clean. This is my first time, I’ll be back every time I come to bali.
Stephen Farmer
Sandra Haukka
I selected Smile Ready Bali because of its excellent reviews. I also had an excellent experience. My treatment included three porcelain veneers (front bottom row) and two fillings. The dentist did an amazing job matching my new veneers with my existing crowns. Thanks to the dental team and front office team for your professional and streamlined service.
Sandra Haukka
After Russia, I was surprised how technologically advanced a dental clinic can be, and how polite the staff is. Reasonable prices and service at the highest level, I recommend!
Jonathan Blackwood