What are implant-supported dental bridges?
What are implant-supported dental bridges?

Dental bridges are a fixed solution to missing teeth.

A dental bridge will literally ‘bridge the gap’ created by one or more missing teeth, and restore the natural appearance of your smile.

A dental bridge is a permanent prosthetic appliance that consists of two or more dental crowns (artificial teeth) connected to each other to form one piece.

The crowns that make up a dental bridge are made from ceramic (porcelain) to create a natural, translucent appearance that seamlessly matches the shape and colour of your existing teeth.

An implant-supported bridge is similar to a regular bridge, but it is supported by dental implants on either end (instead of by natural teeth). Not every crown within the bridge will require an implant.

The dental crowns in the middle that will not require dental implants are called ‘pontics’, and the dental crowns on either end of the bridge that will be attached to dental implants are called ‘retainer crowns’.