When To See A Dentist For Implant Crown Repair?
When To See A Dentist For Implant Crown Repair?

You should contact your dentist right away if your implant crown is chipped, cracked, becomes loose, develops stains, or is worn down by bruxism. If you do not repair your crown in a timely manner after damage occurs, then it could lead to more severe problems and the need to replace it with a new one.

1. A chipped or cracked dental implant crown

Perhaps the most common reason implant crown repair is required is to fix a chip or a crack in the implant crown. Many minor chips and cracks can be repaired by a dentist by using a composite resin material and using it to repair the damaged portion of the implant crown.

2. An implant crown that becomes loose

An implant crown is held in place by a screw that is positioned on the titanium post that is fused together with the jaw. On rare occasions, this screw can become loose, causing the implant crown to also feel loose. There are, of course, other causes, as well, such as a broken crown or abutment. Depending on the cause, a dentist may recommend either implant crown repair or replacement.

3. A stained dental implant crown

Implant crowns are generally made of ceramic material. This material is highly resistant to stains, but discoloration can still develop over enough time. A dentist can repair a stained implant crown and restore its ideal shade and appearance, along with whitening natural teeth to provide a bright smile and the same shade for every tooth.

4. An implant crown that is worn down from bruxism

Bruxism refers to the grinding of the teeth while asleep. This could be related to stress, teeth or jaw alignment concerns, and other contributing factors. Bruxism can damage implant crowns as the jaw is very strong and puts a fair amount of force upon the crowns, leading to them wearing down or becoming damaged. If there are signs of bruxism or obvious signs of damage to the crown, then an implant crown repair may be recommended.

When replacing an implant crown is necessary?

There are times when simply replacing the implant crown is more convenient and affordable than an implant crown repair. During a visit with a dentist, they can assess the cause, type, and severity of the damage and make a professional recommendation as to whether implant crown repair or replacement is the most suitable option.